Emergency Response

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  • R.A.C.E. Station

    LION introduces the new R.A.C.E. Station, which features an interactive smartphone and pull alarm. Practice dialing 9-1-1 or pulling an alarm during your emergency response training. Realistic sights and sounds recreate the stressful environment of an actual emergency. Train where emergencies occur—the break room, shop floor or local school.

  • EmergencyScan.net


    EmergencyScan.net is the easy, safe, secure way to allow first responders and medical personnel 24/7 access to your critical medical information and one-touch access to your emergency contacts and physicians. You control the information! Works with any mobile device that can scan a QR code. No app required. Perfect for workers in refinery, plant, construction or other high-risk environments; weatherproof stickers go anywhere.

  • Revolutionary Wearable Worker Safety

    Revolutionary Wearable Worker Safety

    Occly™ is a wearable personal safety device worn on the body or clipped to an accessory. Occly is armed with a alarm button, impact sensor, four cameras that continuously record images all around the user, sirens, a microphone, LED lighting, wireless capabilities, and safety network application.


  • Industrial Emergency Response: Do You Need an In-House Response Team

    In this free webinar, we will discuss how to determine if, and when, you need an in-house emergency response team, factors to consider when implementing a new ERT team, how to set up an emergency response team, skillsets needed for choosing your ERT members, and what training they will need based on response types.

  • Powering Progress: The Power of Connected Safety

    Join Wesco’s team of safety experts for this free webinar where they will explore how connected safety solutions can help your business mitigate risk, manage compliance and protect your workforce.

  • Real-Time Data and A.I.: How Collision Avoidance Taps New Tech to Boost Facility Safety

    In this free webinar, you will learn that when management has access to detailed collision data and photos showing what is happening in the facility in real-time, they are able to take effective action that allows the mobile equipment operator, pedestrians and the facility to be as safe as possible.


  • The Complete Guide to Emergency Management

    Equip your organization with powerful emergency preparedness and management strategies to navigate unpredictable challenges. This guide offers essential knowledge and tools for preparation, recovery, and business continuity in emergencies.

  • 10 Reasons To Digitize Your EHS Management

    How are you currently tracking safety incidents, audits, and reports? Organizations embracing safety technology are now growing 5x faster than non-digital peers. See how digitizing your safety solutions can transform your workplace well-being!

  • In the Event of a Workplace Fatality

    In this Avetta white paper, you will learn how to react post-fatality in regard to; immediate next steps for the employee, the deceased employee's family, your workplace, insurance, and OSHA.