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  • A World Leader in FR/AR Fabrics

    A World Leader in FR/AR Fabrics

    A world leader in FR/AR fabrics, Westex® by Milliken® provides unparalleled options for safeguarding workers against a range of life-threatening thermal hazards. Find out how we engineer the most innovative fabrics to provide unprecedented levels of protection and comfort—and guarantee they remain flame resistant for the life of the garment.

  • CarbonX Arc: There to Protect in a Flash

    CarbonX Arc: There to Protect in a Flash

    The non-flammable CarbonX® Arc Baselayer is engineered for NFPA 70E compliance and protection against arc flash hazards. At 5.0 oz, it’s one of the lightest-weight HRC2 protective fabrics on the market and easily exceeds the requirements of ASTM F1506 with a 9.4 ATPV rating and a 10.7 TPP rating. CarbonX Arc combines CarbonX-level protective properties with maximum comfort as it is soft to the touch, flexible, and wicks away moisture.



  • Improve Safety and Optimize Gas Detection Operations

    Nothing is more important than worker safety. Today it's easier than ever to transform your safety program to make sure workers get home safely at the end of the day with the iNet safety platform.

  • Understanding Arc Ratings

    This whitepaper addresses the arc flash hazard, a brief history of the arc rating system, and how it all comes together in the form of arc-rated FR fabrics to keep you and your crew compliant.

  • Springfield DH Dual Hazard FR Fabric

    This paper is intended to educate the reader about Springfield’s new, inherently flame-resistant (FR) fabric. Springfield DH is engineered to provide permanent protection against flash fires and electrical arc flashes. It is important that a flame-resistant (FR) garment provide an expected degree of protection to the wearer. This paper will address key expectations to consider when making a decision on which fabric provides the optimum protection, comfort, and durability.