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  • REThinking Hand Safety: How to Build an Effective Hand Safety Program

    In this free webinar you will learn what the most and least successful hand safety programs have in common, Get practical tips to build a hand safety program that reduces injuries, Understand how to get team buy-in on your hand safety program, Ask your hand safety questions live – Shane Nider will answer as many as possible in allotted time

  • Understanding How NFPA 70E and Other Standards Establish Electrical Safety at High Voltages

    In this free webinar first defines and then discusses the standards and regulations for low and high voltage installations. We will discuss how these standards should be implemented via a risk assessment. Finally, we will conclude with the applicable use of the various shock and arc rated PPE and clothing required for each of these voltage levels. The webinar caters for both safety professionals and electrical specialists.

  • Stay Up-To-Date With the Latest NFPA 70E Risk Assessment Changes

    This free webinar highlights the key points in NFPA 70E that lead to enhanced arc flash risk assessments, proper FR/AR PPE selection and improved worker protection.


  • 3 Common Safety Concerns Answered

    In an age where multitasking, automated machinery and technology are becoming commonplace in the workspace, concerns about cut injuries, durability, reliability and grip are just as important as chemical protection. The new AlphaTec® 58-735 benefits from INTERCEPT TECHNOLOGY® providing ANSI level 3 cut protection and excellent chemical resistance. To learn how this innovative glove can help you address 3 common safety concerns, download our tip sheet here.

  • Microflex 93-260: The Thinnest Chemical Resistant Disposable Glove

    Introducing the Microflex 93-260, the new glove that's changing the face of chemical hand protection. With an innovative three layer design, Microflex 93-260 offers the reliable protection workers need when handling chemicals.

  • Providing the Best PPE Is No Guarantee: A Guide to Addressing Human Factors in your PPE Program

    Even the best PPE only works when worn—so how do you get workers to actually wear PPE all the time? PPE compliance is greatly influenced by a person’s state of mind, and being in a rush, frustrated, tired or complacent with hazards affects decisions around PPE compliance in critical moments. This paper addresses how to deal with human factors in your safety program to reduce injuries and improve PPE use among employees.


  • Safety Matters Express - January 2019 Impact Standards

    Safety should never be a guessing game! New impact glove ratings will help you choose the right glove for the job—so get the upper hand and learn about the new ANSI/ISEA 138 Impact Glove Standard.

  • Safety Matters Express - August 2018

    Was your last safety assessment as useful as it should have been? Are you getting the most out of your vending program? Is your PPE meeting all of your needs? Watch this month’s Safety Matters Express and make your already great safety program even better!

  • Magid Safety Matters Express - January 2017

    Are thicker gloves always safer? Watch leather duke it out with machine knit in this month's fast and fun video to find out! While you're there, review some important safety resolutions you should make today and teach your workers how to walk like a penguin on slippery ice. This month's Safety Matters Express might just have it all!